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October 26

Watch the cruise ships from the Presedential gardens in Funchal

October 26

Enjoy one of the best views in Madeira from the Cliff Bay Hotel

If you are in Madeira then take a walk to the Cliff Bay hotel. Once through the entrance turn right and head to the pool area on the next level down. The views from here are stunning. You can then take the lift down to the bottom pool area for more magnificent views.

October 26

Walk around the hotel Melia Mare in Madeira at Night

There is something very relaxing about walking around the grounds of a hotel at night. These pictures are of the five star Melia Mare hotel in the lido area of Funchal, Madeira. I particularly like the stillness of the swimming pools – both inside and out.

October 24

Have a tour of Blandy’s Madeira Wine Lodge

Today we visited the Blandy Madeira wine lodge. This is situated in the centre of Funchal a short walk down from the presidential gardens. The Blandy wine company offers three tours at different prices each offering different things. We opted for the premium tour (middle) which included a tasting, explanation of vine to wine and […]

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