5 Reasons to Experience the New Spa Cabanas at Pennyhill Park, Surrey

Escape to the stunning Surrey woodland and immerse yourself in the luxurious oasis of Pennyhill Park. This exquisite spa and hotel retreat has recently unveiled its newest gem: four private spa cabanas. With their copper bathtubs and personal spa loungers, these cabanas offer an unparalleled level of tranquility and seclusion. If you’re wondering why you should book your escape to Pennyhill Park’s spa cabanas, here are five compelling reasons to indulge in this unforgettable experience:

  1. Unmatched Privacy: Tucked away amidst 120 acres of natural beauty, the spa cabanas at Pennyhill Park provide a level of privacy that is truly unmatched. Designed like luxury hotel rooms, these outdoor sanctuaries offer complete seclusion from the outside world. You can unwind and rejuvenate in your own personal haven, undisturbed by the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
  2. Luxurious Amenities: Prepare to be pampered in style. Each spa cabana boasts a sumptuous copper bathtub equipped with spa jets, inviting you to soak your cares away in ultimate comfort. With two spa loungers, an upholstered bench, a coffee machine, and a stocked fridge with refreshing beverages, every detail has been carefully curated to ensure your utmost relaxation and enjoyment.
  3. Sensory Delights: At Pennyhill Park, the spa experience is taken to a whole new level. The cabanas are named after herbs—Bergamot, Lemon Thyme, Peppermint, and Sorrel—and their corresponding plants are lovingly cultivated around each cabana. Immerse yourself in the enchanting aromas and flavours of these herbs, as they are used to create signature infused water, tisanes, and cocktails. Indulge your senses and savour the delightful tastes and scents that surround you.
  4. Tailored Packages: Pennyhill Park offers three enticing packages for you to choose from when booking your spa cabana experience. The Cabana Spa Day packages grant you and a guest full day access to the spa, a generous food and drink allowance for Themis restaurant or The Pool View Bar, a 60-minute Comfort Zone treatment each, and a special Comfort Zone gift. If you’re in need of a more extended escape, the Cabana Spa Break includes an overnight stay, full spa access, and a delectable breakfast at the Hillfield Restaurant before retreating to your private cabana for a day of blissful tranquility.
  5. Exclusive Accessibility: The spa cabanas are not only reserved for hotel residents. Whether you’re a guest on a spa day package, a member of the spa, or a hotel resident, these coveted cabanas are available for you to experience. Regardless of your affiliation, Pennyhill Park ensures that everyone can enjoy the unparalleled luxury and serenity of their spa cabanas.

Don’t miss the chance to embark on a transformative journey of relaxation at Pennyhill Park’s new spa cabanas. Indulge in unrivaled privacy, immerse yourself in sensory delights, and revel in the lavish amenities that await you. With tailored packages and exclusive accessibility, your path to rejuvenation and tranquility has never been clearer. Book your escape to Pennyhill Park’s spa cabanas today and elevate your spa experience to new heights.


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