Best Restaurants In King’s Cross – Where To Head For A Fantastic Meal In N1C

How times have changed in the King’s Cross area of North London. Venture outside of the famous station and treat yourself to some delicious international cuisine.

Regeneration in Kings Cross has been rife since the millennium when development work began to get St Pancras station ready to be the terminus for high-speed international trains. As well as the work carried out on the station, the developers set to completely overhaul the surrounding 67 acres of wasteland surrounding the railways. What had previously been derelict warehouses and industrial space has now been transformed into yet another desirable part of London to spend time in.

As any local Kings Cross estate agents will tell you, one of the most notable changes in the area is the ability to go out for a fantastic dinner. Previously, your options may have been limited to grabbing a quick burger on the station platform, but this has all changed. Whether you’re looking for gastro British, or Ethiopian fare, King’s Cross now boasts some of the finest and most diverse eateries in the capital. Here are some to try, the next time you’re in N1C.

Caravan, 1 Granary Square, N1C 4AA

The first restaurant to open in the new heart of King’s Cross at Granary Square was Caravan. In keeping with the history of the area, Caravan welcomes diners into a modern, industrial style dining room which was a former Victorian grain store. and serves small plates such as the Burmese chicken salad or Chapel and swan smoked salmon.

The Lighterman, 3 Granary Square, N1C 4BH

This brasserie-style of bar and restaurant has amazing panoramic views of Regent’s Canal. Diners can enjoy a casual alfresco feast while looking out at the passing barges or overlooking Granary Square with its amazing fountains. The open kitchen at Lighterman serves delicious all-day food from breakfast through to dinner. The food is typically British – you might opt for one of the aged beef burgers, or else choose sumptuous wood-fired meat and veg dishes.

German Gymnasium, 1 King’s Boulevard, N1C 4BU

Don’t be fooled by the name, this enormous two-storey restaurant and bar have very little to do with training for the Olympics and everything to do with traditional Mittel-European fare. Originally built as the first purpose-built gym in England, this restaurant now serves up to 400 customers at once from breakfast through to dinner. Whether you’re looking for Knödel and Schwammerl, which is potato dumplings and wild mushroom sauce, or perhaps something a little meatier such as a Spinach and Cheese Bratwurst dish, this is the place to go if you’re looking for true sustenance.

Itadaki Zen, 139 King’s Cross Road, WC1X 9BJ

This restaurant is perfect for diners who relish pure organic and vegan food; in fact, Itadaki Zen is the first Japanese eatery of its kind in Europe. All dishes are prepared with their medicinal qualities in mind, which is in keeping with the Far Eastern philosophy of food being used for its ability to heal. If this all sounds worryingly dull, you’ll be amazed at delights such as the tempura course or the 12-piece sushi set which are crafted using the freshest ingredients.

These are just a small samples of the numerous world-class restaurants that now line the streets of King’s Cross. If you haven’t visited for a few years, then head to Granary Square and the surrounding neighbourhood and prepare to be amazed at the transformation of N1C.