5 non awkward ways to meet people in London by ‘Thinking Bob’

London is an amazing city with tons of stuff to offer but not so great if you have no one to explore with. Here are our top tips on ways to meet people, without the awkward chitchat. 


1. Treasure hunts and street games

The best longterm friendships are based on shared experiences, so treasure hunts and street games are a fantastic way to beat all that boring smalltalk by working as a team for a common goal. They also give you an excuse to get out there and explore all that London has to offer from exploring a museum in a new way to dashing round the hidden streets of the city.

Get started: Try one of Thinking Bob’s hunts and games , which you can turn up to on your own.

2. Dinner parties and supper clubs

There’s only one thing Londoners love more than talking about food, and that’s eating it! Which is probably why supper clubs, group brunches and dinner parties are so popular. There are new ones popping up all over the city, from bigger socials in exciting new restaurants to intimate meets in traditional diners. There’s something to suit everyone whatever your palate!

Get started: Get a taster of one of these London supper clubs , join the London Coffee & Brunch Club or how about a QI dinner at Thinking Bob with quizzy ‘true or false’ conversation cards?

3. Pub quizzes

Get off that sofa and down to the pub to give that brain (and your drinking arm) a workout. Chatting to strangers is less scary as a group, so grab some friends and make it your mission to meet your fellow teams.

Get started: Check out Design My Night’s pub quiz guide for an event near you or book a table at Geeks Inc quizzes . For a readymade quiz team full of friendly new people, try one of Thinking Bob’s slightly geeky pub quiz socials on everything from TV to maths and science.

4. Wine tasting

If you like wine and people, then what better way to meet new friends than with a tasting session at one of London’s many wine specialists? Learn about the origins of some of your favourite wines and taste some new ones; take your mind off work and onto something way more fun.

Get started: We recommend wine tasting sessions at COUNTER Vauxhall Arches .

5. Improv comedy tour

They say laughter is the language of the soul, which means a City Impro tour around London’s famous museums and streets is the perfect way to find a few new soulmates. Forget what you know about the sights and join your guide from the ‘University of Bullsh*t’ on an improvised (and very funny) comedy tour of London sights, all made up on the spot. Get started: Check City Impro’s tours here .

Want all of these, with a ready made group of people to go with?

All of the above can be found on the Thinking Bob website join up, come on your own and start making new friends today, no smalltalk required!