5 things to eat at Yasmeen Lebanese restaurant at St Johns Wood in North West London

1. Bamieh with meat – Traditionally a flavoursome home-cooked dish of regional favourite okra, cooked with lamb, tomato and rice, vegetarian option also available.


2. Moutabel – Similar to hummus in look but made from smoked aubergine with sesame seed oil, yogurt, lemon juice and topped with pomegranate seeds this sumptuous dish is a speciality of the house.


3.’Tabouleh – Parsley, crushed wheat, tomatoes, onion, lemon juice and olive oil


4. Arayes – Yasmeen prides itself on making fresh bread on the premises for diners to enjoy a range of artisan breadsBread is a very important part of cuisine from this region. A lesser known dish, arayes is a mix of minced meat with parsley, grilled on Lebanese bread. Arabic bread has been around for thousands of years.  Yasmeen added its own twist on this by introducing the Yasmeen Arayes with added cheese for a special taste.


5. Kibbeh – This is the national dish of Lebanon and also popular in Syria.  Torpedo shaped and croquette-like, filled with mince, onions and pine nuts. Kibbeh’s influence is such that it has spread into many other parts of the world including South America and the Caribbean.