Featuring on 5 things

If you wish to feature your thing on our site then please do get in touch.

Here are 5 things about featuring.


Drop us an e-mail using 5thingstodotoday@gmail.com to say that you would like to feature on our site. If you want to speak to us then please phone 0789 408 4680 – we welcome your call.


Explain to us a bit about your business or event and any particular angle you would like us to mention in our feature. We cover a wide range of things and are very happy to tailor it to exactly what you want.


We will then write 5 things about you including links and contact details. Feel free to send us any photos you would like us to include. We are also happy to grab images from your social media accounts and website etc.


Our feature will be published on www.5thingstodotoday.com for one year. We will continue to promote you on twitter and other social media platforms. Please see examples on our site for example here and here.


Each thing will about 30 words in length making the feature to be about 150 words. It is usually longer than this as we will add an introduction and summary to the piece. Once published you can then share it using your own social media accounts and website.

You will have your thing featured on our site within 24 hours from when you say you want to go ahead.