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Become a guest theatre or restaurant reviewer

Are you a devoted enthusiast of the arts, possessing a talent for expressive writing and an unwavering passion for both theatre and the world of fine dining?

Do you possess a discerning eye for detail and the ability to critically dissect stage performances and culinary experiences?

If this description resonates with you, we have an enticing opportunity for you as a versatile Arts and Food Reviewer!

Our Guest Reviewer Programme is actively seeking individuals who can serve as Theatre and Restaurant Reviewers, enabling you to immerse yourself in the realms of creativity and culinary excellence.

While we welcome applications from all corners of the UK, please be aware that most opportunities will be concentrated in London, Surrey and surroudning areas

Key Responsibilities:

Theatre Reviews:

Attend a diverse array of theatre performances, including plays, musicals, and various other dramatic presentations. You’ll have the freedom to choose which shows to review, but a commitment to covering at least two shows each month is expected.

Create comprehensive and thought-provoking reviews that encapsulate the essence of the performances. Your reviews should provide valuable insights into aspects such as acting, directing, scriptwriting, production values, and overall impact.

Restaurant Reviews:

Explore a diverse spectrum of dining establishments, ranging from charming cafes to upscale fine dining restaurants. Similar to theatre reviews, you have the flexibility to choose which restaurants to review, but a commitment to covering at least two establishments each month is expected.

Craft flavorful and informative restaurant reviews that capture the essence of your dining experiences. Discuss elements such as cuisine, service, ambiance, and overall satisfaction.


A deep appreciation for both theatre and the culinary arts.

Exceptional writing skills, enabling you to craft engaging, insightful, and unbiased reviews in both or one domains.

A profound understanding of and respect for theatre, along with the ability to critically and objectively analyze performances.

A discerning palate and a keen eye for the nuances of restaurant dining, allowing you to create tantalizing and informative reviews.

Strong time management and organizational skills, enabling you to meet deadlines and work independently.

To apply, please review our terms and conditions here and send an e-mail to David using

We wholeheartedly encourage applications from all individuals and are particularly interested in amplifying underrepresented voices. We eagerly await your application, whether it’s for theatre, restaurant reviews, or both!

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