July 05


3 Bright Spark EVs To Buy (And Two To Avoid)

Pop the champagne and unleash the party poppers: electric cars are growing in popularity. Drivers are looking to ditch their petrol and diesel cars and replace them with the lithium powered super-alternative. But of course they are. EVs are the future. The silent, cheap to run, smooth to drive and stylish to look at future. They’re no longer the novelty, tax write-offs they were once considered to be.

But, as we’ve come to realize over recent months, not electric cars are born equal. Not at all. In fact, while there are some sublime options out there leading the electric revolution and ramping up the charge, there are some that are proving to be, well, a bit of hindrance when it comes to winning over the petrol-heads out there.

So, without further ado, here are the bright sparks to consider and the loose connections you might want to avoid.

The Good

  1. Renault Zoe

Trying to find a flaw in the Zoe is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That’s how amazing this stylish, nippy, cheap-to-run and a conventional car is. It’s comfortable to drive, fits four people in without any contortion needed, and has a surprisingly big boot too. It’s our hands-down winner.

  1. Tesla Model S

This electric superstar is drop dead gorgeous. It’s as desirable as any car we’ve ever seen. But it’s also mind-boggling to drive. Staggering even. And the range it offers is mighty impressive. But here’s the best part: it can seat seven people with the car being controlled by a giant touchscreen that’s so simple to use and update. This is the future.

  1. VW e-Up

We fell in love with the normal Up, so we could all but see our hearts pump against our chest when the e-Up was released. It’s just as amazing to drive, just as practical to use and almost entirely uncompromised by its electric-power conversion. That said, it does cost a lot. Like a lot.

The Bad

  1. Smart Fourtwo

What were they thinking with this car? At its very best, it’s going to be people’s third choice car on the driveway, second maybe, and that’s because it has got a tiny range and only seats two people. It’s also got a worryingly small crumple zone that could see you have LevinInjuryFirm.com bookmarked on your MacBook Pro. Oh, and to top it all off, the only place this can live is a city – somewhere you can charge it overnight, every night.

  1. Renault Twizy

How Renault can get it so right with one and so wrong with another is beyond us, but here we are, staring at the Twizy. It’s not that this car isn’t fun. It is. But the chance to unleash this fun is too rare. Not only that, but the ride is more uncomfortable than a massage from a rhino and the weather-proofing is made for perfect weather only. If you live in LA or the south of France, then maybe. But anywhere else and you’re dicing with getting drenched.